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Daneshmandi M, Tizghalam zonouzi S, Mirshahzadeh S. Investigation and analysis of the state of contemporization of contemporary buildings (1941 to 1966) in Tehran. Naqshejahan 2024; 14 (1) :90-108
URL: http://bsnt.modares.ac.ir/article-2-71071-en.html
1- Department of Architecture, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
2- Department of Architecture, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran , zonouzi@iauctb.ac.ir
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which have lost their main functions, and their abandonment and lack of proper use causes them to be destroyed more and more. Nowadays, historical buildings can no longer be used as in the past and by changing the use of historical buildings, they are saved from certain death, and the concept of contemporizing all these achievements is in mind.

Methods: In this study, the time range is related to the traditional houses located in the neighborhoods of Tehran in the period from 1941 to 1966., most of the houses are related to the central core of Tehran and the surrounding and neighborhood streets of Elginab, Waliasr, Karim Khan Zand, etc. The techniques used in the applied method of this research in order to modernize modern historical monuments are preparing and completing the questionnaire, using the interpretive structural modeling (ISM) approach and linear regression technique.

Findings: Among the 42 indicators studied in the five physical-structural, perceptual, functional, socio-economic and natural-environmental dimensions, the indicators of preserving old residents, improving the quality of housing, using special colors, easy access on foot, etc. are completely inappropriate conditions in terms of the principles of modernization They play a role in the historical monuments of Tehran metropolis.

Conclusion: The four indicators of neighborhood authenticity and sense of belonging, the use of a special form, the presence of necessary activities and the recognizability of spaces have the highest and best quality compared to other studied indicators from the point of view of the theory of contemporization, and they have medium-high conditions in terms of the points obtained.
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Article Type: Qualitative Research | Subject: Highperformance Architecture
Received: 2023/07/18 | Accepted: 2023/10/18 | Published: 2024/03/24

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